Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!



I am Francine, the founder of LashedxFrancine LLC and LxF Studios in Scottsdale, AZ. I am an AZ native, family-oriented, a foodie, girl mom and a dog mom. The beauty industry and mentoring have always been passions of mine. I began this business as a side-hustle and before I knew it I took a leap of faith, left my full-time job of dental assisting and part-time job of serving to go full-time with this business. I strive to provide a healthy, uplifting work environment to all artists in AZ at my one stop shop and I advocate for every artist and service to be luxurious and integral to our wonderful clients.

I am a Hawaii native and moved to AZ to strengthen my love for esthetics and expand my business! My main priorities are my family, fiancé, friends and clients. My passion for this industry quickly grew and my favorite services that I offer include laser hair removal and Glo2 Facial. I appreciate the opportunity to build lasting relationships with my clients all while building their confidence.

My name is Destinee, the senior artist with LxF Studios, I was born and raised in AZ! I started my path within aesthetics in the beginning of 2022, quickly realizing how much enthusiasm I had for working in the industry. Throughout that year, I started lashing on the side, and was able to quit my 9-5 by the end of it. I finally took the step, and pursued my goal of becoming a full time lash artist, as well as expanding my knowledge in many other services. In these last years, my love for the industry has grown, and I admire that I am able to develop so many relationships, in addition to seeing the on-going confidence boost it gives to so many.

My mission is to promote confidence to individuals, enhance their beauty holistically, and teach others to also strive and achieve their dreams of being successful in this industry and truly happy with their lifestyle, while having integrity. I truly find satisfaction providing unconditional support to all.

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Xo, Fran

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